November 17, 2008
I watched, unable
to move as
ripped off my skin, deaf to
my cries of agony and
anguish. They then tore
off my limbs one
and suddenly
I had no body
just a
and a smell. They
grabbed greedily at my arms
and legs and they,
the giants,
dropped them without hesitancy
down their gaping gullets.
My presence
floated around them,
but they didn’t notice;
my screams of anguish echoed
in their bulbous ears
but they still didn’t notice.
The scent
was lingering
blissfully, for a
split second
on their tongues.
I felt myself drifting away
as they laughed,
oblivious to my agony.
Goodbye, cruel world.

“That was a good tangerine, Jim.”
“Yeah! You want another?”

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