Somebody Special

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The first time I met you
We didn’t even talk
We talked to our friends
And our friends talked to each other.
I didn’t get a thump or giddy feeling in my chest
But I knew that you would change
Something about me.
We soon began to talk
And became “just friends,”
Although one can’t quite call it that.
The whole time
I was looking for something more.
I was hoping that you’d love me.
You almost gave me that chance.
All that I know is that you
Taught me and helped me learn
Three very important things.

The first thing you taught me
Is rather cliché.
You taught me to be myself.
Sure I was myself before I met you,
But I admit there were a few things
I was trying to keep hidden
But I saw you openly talk about
All of the silly and strange things about you.
Some of those “silly” things
Are the same silly things about me.
People loved you,
And now I can see
That when I took your lead
And told them the silly things about me,
They feel the same way about me now,
Then they did before I spoke.
The way they treated me didn’t change.

The second thing you taught me
Is similar to the first
In that everybody seems to have it taught to them.
You taught me what it feels like to be loved.
I don’t know if I ever loved you
And I doubt you ever loved me.
But there were times where I thought
That there might be a chance
That you loved me.
Never had anyone
Given me that feeling before.
It was entirely new to me.
You proved to me that
Maybe just maybe
I might not be alone forever.

But the third thing you taught me
Was pride.
It’s a horrible thing to see
And to learn,
But I’m glad I learned it now
Instead of later.
Believe it or not,
You’re not as smart as you think!
You’re not the most amazing,
Or the funniest
Or the most talented.
I wish I or somebody else
Could have the courage to tell you that.
And when you literally
Walk away from me
Right over to her,
And you look into my eyes
And smile right at me
Over her shoulder,
It hurts for a minute.
But I don’t care for long,
Soon apathy settles in,
And I know that before long
She will see right through you too.

You will teach others
New lessons.
I watch you move on
And on and on,
From one girl to the next.
The important thing is,
I know that I know,
And I know that you know,
That I’m nobody special to you
But you’re somebody special to me.

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