the insanity of a mother

November 17, 2008
As the snow falls I wonder why.

When all I can do is sit here and cry.

As the time passes by like a warm summers day.

But yet some how it’s dark and grey.

Watching the green grass get suffocated by the intensity of the cold snow.

Covering it slowly, like a slow, cold, hearted death.

I run to my mommy. Mommy, mommy im hoping she’ll hold.

But she doesn’t hold me she just watches me die.

Dying inside.

From neglection, rebellion, and pure cold hearted cruelness.

On the outside I just want to scream at her and punch her.

The pain in my heart is killing me.

The imbearable, insanely, NOT at all intolerable pain that has me crunched.

I take it and hold the pain because all of it’s disintegrating into nothing more.

I am just left with pain.

Nothing to lose, yet nothing to gain.

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