A conversation with God.

November 17, 2008
Papa are you there?
Can you hear me?
How could you let this happen?
Papa, papa.
Why would you do this to me?
Why would you leave me at a time like this?
Why would you let me go through this?
Why can't I feel your presence?
Where are you?
Why should I trust you if your just going to leave me alone?
Why would you allow this tragedy to happen?
Why can't I see you?
I don't understand.
How come I feel so alone?
I feel like no one cares.
I know it was a while ago, but I still think about it everyday.
You have told me everything happens for a reason.
What good has come from this?
I've heard your always here and will never leave me, but I can't feel your presence.
I want to trust you but it's so hard.
I've tried to hand all my burdens over to you, but I just can't let go.
I still blame myself for what happened.
I should of been there.
Please God help me forgive myself.
Please give me peace.
Help me allow your love.

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