Tears I cry

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Dont touch me again
I dont follow that trend
I will break and not bend
This message is one I send
Desperatly I try to break free
From this prison in which you hold me
Why cant you see
There is so much more to me?
Deep in water I cry
Why should I, Should I even Try?
I'll try to keep my head above water
But its getter hotter and hotter
And harder to breathe
So I was handing on the edge
Grabbing at a thread
With all these thoughts inside my head
Away I'll go, so Far away
To a place were you cant see me
Were the beauty beyond
Is beyond compare
A place were you're nightmeres
Wont and cant reach me
A place were they cant teach me
Of how cruel the world really is
Solitary and Alone
My heart turns black and stone
As I realize These dreams are just
The Tears that I cry...

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