November 17, 2008
By Arianna Fender, Cedar Hills, UT

The icy fingers of winter fold back the veil of cold
To reveal the beauty that since has been on hold
Sun breaks through the cover of gray and dark
The yearning rays of light break monotony apart
The earth begins to thaw and life begins to stir
The warmth and light of spring becomes a spiritual cure
With the awakening of the earth comes the arousing of my soul
There is so much to feel, there is so much to know

The beauty of it all fills my senses full of new
Change is in the breeze, the world a brighter hue
My soul can’t help but spring to life
I cast away collected grief and strife
Timidly unfurling, the glory is now born
Revealing hidden grace, now ugliness forlorn
With the awakening of the earth, comes the arousing of my soul
My spirit no longer lingers, oh how the spring consoles!

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