Center Stage

November 17, 2008
By Mariah Scanlon BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Mariah Scanlon BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Steely-eyed mail men greet her each day.
Ice water runs through the veins of this city.
A bitter, frigid place
full of cruel faced buildings and idle stares.

But tonight,
tonight is brimming.
There is a risk of spilling over,
as the shadows shiver with anticipation.

Two figures moving,
suffocated in the pooling black.
They are dancing closer to the edge.

Underestimated and under dressed,
she prays tonight is it.
A chance to escape,
possibly her only one.

This town is shrouded in lies.
A masked smiling face,
crafted with ruby lips and porcelain eyes
to hide tear streaked cheeks.
With covered eyes,
they know secrets are best left behind closed doors.

She’s standing on the edge of tomorrow,
here with a boy.
He’s not nearly a man
but he is the only one in this town,
who understands true passion.

So why sneak out
when your parents barely care?
For the thrill of it, she tells him

Here in the dark,
their eyes fixed on points
only they can see.

They live in a town that never sleeps,
Where girls can disappear before your eyes.
But tonight, she refuses to disappear.

Instead, she climbs onto the wooden stage.
he is waiting in the wings for her,
her strength and light.
She steps to her turning point,
and lets loose.

Her soul is escaping past her lips.
the rise and fall of her voice
heavy with all the lies she has been given.
Tonight she is free from it all, finally flying.
Like a bird from a cage,
she’s headed out of this town.
In a town where nothing happened,
except for her.

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