Where exactly was I?

October 24, 2008
By Anonymous

So she asked me where I was last night,
I wasn’t gonna lie so I told her right…
I was trippin I was caught up in the moment of time,
Cuz it was Loui-Voittan Dan Night,
I was with my Kate Moss that night,
We played secretary; I was the boss alright,
And we didn’t care what they all said right…
After hearing this, she stood upright ,
And I knew I couldn’t stop the fight so I called a time,
For a second I thought it was gonna be fine,
Then I looked back and it just didn’t feel so right,
But I guess it was just our time to divide.
Like a game of chess, checkmate was her style,
And to think I thought it was our time to shine.
I called her my type but we just weren’t tight,
I asked her to aight just let it slide,
But she wasn’t that type so she held her side.
She asked me to apologize and I did that right,
But I guess even that wasn’t enough to change her mind,
She suffered one time and that was a bad sign,
I looked at the clock and it was on the dot nine,
Just when I did that, she disappeared in the darkness of night
I threw the pencil and leak the sheet of the tablet in my mind,
Cause I don't fight sh-- cause I ain't got time…
The next day I wake up early and bright,
Then go to the mirror look myself in the eyes,
That day I didn't wake up with a woman on my side,
That side felt colder than ice,
It hurt me deep like a mosquito bite,
But I knew I was gonna be fine,
It’s just that I needed some time,
So I went to the kitchen and got me some Turkish delight,
Knew I was an Asian so also got some rice,
Looked out the window and there wasn’t anything within a mile,
Not even within the telescope sight,
And not even the city lights,
Viewed the mirror and threw a smile,
Like ha ha ha this city was mine!
Then came along hurricane Ike,
Ruined my crib so I broke its tide,
It felt like I was being attacked by the river Nile,
I couldn’t understand it, this was winter time,
No hurricane enters my city of crime,
Where everyday people die of hunger and famine
Turn on the T.V. and people giving me advice?
Saying this was my time to decide,
Saying I should run in fright,
But I couldn’t do that I had a rep to pride,
It came when the moon was shining bright,
And left many graves as shadows of the night,
I was trying to just live in peace and survive,
But this world doesn’t go away without a fight,
So I got up and stopped pretending to be nice,
Search around the world but you will never find,
A playa like me running in rewind,
Thinking to myself what did I do wrong or what did I do right,
The worlds over but this is my time,
So I begin my journey and start to shine…,

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