speeding through Life

October 21, 2008
By Bradlee Lewis, Park City, UT

Seeing the world for the first time
I cry, and cry a woman holds me in her ams
What is going on?
I get to know this woman
I learn a word I will use often
There is a man, he looks very nervous
When he touches me his hands shake
The look in his eyes tells me everything
He will always love me
I call him daddy
They help me grow
I take my first steps
I learn new words
I eat my first birthday cake
Soon I am older
9, 10, 11,13, 14,16
The years pass by
I drift away from my parents
I hurt them in every way
I am a drama queen
Spoiled and mean
To everyone who loves me most
My teen years pass by
Im off to college
Stressed, there is no time to stop
I keep speeding through life
Then a man slows me down
He is hansom and smart
We fall in love
He is the one
Marriage comes and goes
And finally
She cries and cries
She is my life and she sees the world for the first time.

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