and the angels do laugh at my dispair

November 16, 2008
By Carley Williams, Winston, GA

oh wat twisted fait
that the shadows of my sin
would gather now..together
to watch my world end

my heart does not answer
when i try to calm its pain
it only sits in silence
feeding bitterness to my brain

my brain which ponders questions
like "how did this begin"
only to be silenced
by my bitter end

oh wat twisted fait
that the ones i truely love
would rise up to slowly kill me
while the angels laugh above

like a plage to the world
infecting each i touch
with cold and utter nothingness
there hearts in the clutch

of my hand..which sqeezes and bruses
not listening to me
as i pleed with it to stop
as i get down on my knee

begging for the silence
of my cold and bitter end
they join the angels now
to watch my soul burn within

and they do laugh at my dispair

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