Walking By

November 16, 2008
As I waited for you to walk by
Every day during school
For you to take one single glance at me
During lunch at noon

I sit all alone eating
Gazing at your beautiful eyes
Waiting for you to stare back
As your walking by

Until one day, when I walked passed you
You walked passed me with a girl I knew
Laughing and talking, touching and flirting
Can't you realize my heart is hurting?

I thought you were the one
But I guess I was wrong
Deep down in my broken heart
I kind of knew all along

My eyes were dry of tears
My heart felt like glass
Before I knew it when I saw him
He looked like an *&%

My heart will never be the same
Ever since that day
I feel like an idiot
For feeling this way

But I will move on
As the wind cries
"My heart will heal swiftly"
As I'm walking by

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