Gorgeously Destroyed

November 16, 2008
By Christina McCalmont, Kapaau, HI

Shreds of stained canvas
Lie limply on the floor.
Chaotic colors strewn about,
All pieces of her
Dispersed and waiting
For her hero’s red, wet kiss.
Nevertheless, paint her as you please.
Paintbrushes stroke her peachjellocurves;
Covering the putrid disease.
She is decaying

The multicolored smithereens
Tell a tale of a spoiled infatuation.
In some places around her heart,
There are fragmentsofthepast,
Tearing it apart.
This flurry of destruction
Has made the most beautiful mess.
The rainbow facets of her heart,
Are waiting,
For her hero
To paint over the distress,
With one
wet kiss.

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