i once loved but i no longer do

November 16, 2008
By Lydia Reed, Montrose, WV

i once loved someone

he told me he would never hurt mii

once on our date he looked up in the starry nite sky

he said softly "goodbye. i love u but i do not deserve u. im sorry

i replied " u may love me.u DO deserve me do not b sorry i am the 1 whodoes not deserve u.

he resolved it by just walking away crying.

i ran up and asked " is there a reason?

he says no

i take out a razor 2 slit my wrists 2 take away the pain

he stoppes walkes over 2 me

he takes my razor, walkes over to he brige over looking the river

i thought he was going 2 throw the razor over

i wlk over to him

he stands on top of the railing

standes backwards , looking at me

he falls backwards

i try 2 catch him but he fell 2 fast

he took the razor

The author's comments:
this was my first poem about how i was rejected

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