dance with the devil

November 16, 2008
hand in hand with the devil
life races by in a blur
being cognitive of the real world
rarely does occur.

flying high in bright white
secure in his crushing grip
terrified of spiraling down
for the crash i am not equipped.

the impact of my obsession
i do not fully understand
so jaded to whats right and wrong
i answer only to his command.

slowly committing suicide
sitting with feet dangling over hell
on the edge of no return
one more strike and ill be expelled.

exiled from all emotion
to live alone in my own thoughts
the prison i created
bricked in by my own distraught.

life gets dark and lonely
when the devils your only friend
hiding behind a fake facade
a childhood game of pretend.

my parents hearts are breaking
ive changed beyong compare
they think i need help
and to this i am aware.

the devil has me caged
in the deepest darkest shadows
as he travels deeper
he forces me to follow.

mother cries "i love you"
and a single tear breaks through
an emotion ive forgotten
a pain i never knew.

descending quickly downward
i feel my hand slip free
the devil reaches out to grab
but he is now my enemy.

i run into the open arms
of those who never lost faith
in the hope that i would return
if they could only wait.

the tears flow freely down my face
they wash away the evil
revealing what was lost
and returning me to normal.

the world stops madly spinning
and settles down serenely
i slowly go through the motions
edging back into life discretely.

the devil still comes knocking
whispers erotic nothings in my ear
persuasive and persistent
he is something to revere.

but i will not place my hand in his
theres too much beauty to behold
i will not turn my back on life again
i will not take that road.

there is love and laughter
and im enjoying them at last
today starts a new stage in life
i got my second chance.

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