Kissing a Stranger

November 16, 2008
I met a man one day....

He was taller than me.
Like a grand mountain.

His eyes were darker than the dirt,
yet softer than the beachy sand.

He was so carefree around me.

A book of people far away in his right hand,
laughing away at the black and white pictures.
I tried looking over his shoulder,
but he kept moving away.

He grinned at me everytime.

I want to hit him, yet I have a sensation to hug him.
He knew me like a book,
telling me things I did not know at all.

He was so mean!
Yet I couldn’t help but laugh.

A reaction that was hard for me to use.
It happened without control.

The next day I walked up to him while he was reading.

He looked up,
and I hit him beside his silly head.

He frowned saying it hurt.

I got his book from him and dashed a littlle aways.

He yelled at me,
going after me.
I made a deal with him.

"Close your eyes, count to ten."

I said.

He groaned and did it.

3, ......

I kissed him on the lips lightly. more counting.

He was silent as he opened his dark eyes.
I gave him his book and laughed away.
He went after me.

After that I never saw him again.....

I thought one day I saw him,
but he had a pretty girl at his strong arm.

I didn’t go near him,
I smiled as I walked pass and said

"Good for you."

I think he heard me,
who knows. ;)

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SamiLynn said...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 12:23 am
Aw this is so adorable, I love it :) I always wished I could be this sporadic.
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