Silver Clouds

November 16, 2008
By Colin Mark, Tenafly, NJ

All my clouds had silver linings
I used to look forward to black skies
Pain used to be my brother
Pain used to be my best friend
All my clouds had silver linings
That’s what I want back again

Today my clouds bleed rain
Today my skin bleeds pain
Back then my luck was never gone
Luck is elusive again
My luck used to be my friend
Now it simply acts like them
Because elusive too is a friend

Where did I go wrong?
I should have listened
I always should have listened
Conclusions aren’t solid
Not now
They always said my luck would ebb
I didn’t listen
I should have listened
Now I fear the clouds

Today I met my best friend
I finally met the pain
Today I saw my brother
I never want to see him again

The clouds have come for me
Silver cuts like steel
Rain cuts like pain
The pain I never used to feel
I thought I was untouchable
I’ve been touched
I thought I was infallible
I failed
I thought I knew
It seems I never did
It seems I never will
I should have listened
Now I have no one to listen to
No one to turn to
And still the clouds rain down

My favorite color was silver
I looked forward to the rain
I never feared the pain
I never knew
I never knew the pain
I never knew what it meant to look into black skies
Dark, black skies
No silver in sight
No hope to find
No joy to grab

My world is overcast by silver clouds
My life is a glistening shadow
My hope is shrouded in black smoke
And my luck has finally gone

I should have listened
When they told me that it would

The author's comments:
I had no fears because nothing ever went wrong for me. And then, without warning, they did...

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