Dear Cupid

November 16, 2008
By Shelby Hines-Elzinga, Redmond, WA

Dear Cupid,

Did anyone ever tell you how bad your aim was?
It seems everytime I am shot by your arrow it only leaves a sting
No happiness, no smile, no bliss, not even a single kiss

Can you answer this question now
I know it's true, just come out and say it and I swear I'll keep my lips sealed:
Love doesn't exist does it?

I'm not gonna find my prince charming, I'm not a disney princess, and I am most certainly not ever going to be

Will I always be alone? Is this how it will end, no love or kiss
Will I grow old, sitting alone in a big empty house crying myself to sleep?

Am I too ugly?
Too fat?
Too Shy?
Too boring?
Or maybe even too dumb?

I know, I am young but these questions run through my mind
I want to know so please do me a favor and write back
Because I know this love stuff is not my speed


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