November 15, 2008
Deep water dive
This air is too thick
Suffocating so silent
Let’s hope this ends quick
There are fifty-some witnesses
That are watching above
We’re leaving behind memories
On live broadcast news
But under here
It’s only a case of the blues
With a few minutes left
I ask myself this
What if I had gotten by?
Been one to have missed
What would it be like?
If I were the witness
But that isn’t the case
And outcomes were slight
I’ve taken so many breaths
That it doesn’t seem right
Now I’m remembering
The thirty others who fell
Time has come
And I’m wishing them well
Up to my neck in natural despair
I’m starting to think
It’s impossible
For one to get out of here

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ISayWeCuddleNow said...
Feb. 7, 2010 at 9:03 pm
This is really cool. I love the inspiration for this piece as well as how you got into their shoes as well as their mind. Great job.
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