November 15, 2008
By Tre S, St. Martinville, LA

I can't imagine a day without hearing your voice, I would go crazy...

If you wouldn't tell me you love me before I went to sleep, I would stay up all night wondering if you loved me or not?.....

Hearing you say it in the morning brightens my day when the sun isn't up yet

Im the happiest girl in the world when I see you calling...

But missing you is the part that makes me sad as I am smiling on the outside, my heart is crying oceans of tears for your touch and your kiss....

I miss your arms around my body holding me, comforting me, giving me security and sincerity that I'm yours forever....Im yearnig for your touch.

I'm dying for the feelings I get when I see you. I feel blessed, I'm delighted, hapiness uplifts my heart. All blindy shown within a simple smile.

Waiting patientlly to be in your presence, and wishing that we could runaway together.... Thinking about the 'if onlys' of our relationship makes my profound thoughts somber... Wistully trying to avoid them, wanting to digress these feelings... It hurts

I wish we could runaway...

...runaway from everything negative and everybody that tries to come between us, from all the rules that would keep us apart and keep us from doing what we want.

I cant wait for the day where it would just be me and you.

Together forever in each others hearts. Two people connected as one. Loving each other more everyday

The author's comments:
Inspired by my own

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