November 15, 2008
By Deborah Yeoh-Wang, New York, NY


Her charms and her seductive glance conceal her power
Unlike those renowned heroes, she has no physical strength
Yet all around her, men growl and snort and whine
Begging her to liberate them from her spell
Fallen heroes who could not resist her touch
Her power knows no limit

I offer you shelter, food, and drink,
A soft bed to lay your weary self upon.
Sit beside me, and tell me of your woes.
Bring your men and I will care for them too.

You have sailed for years, you say,
Hoping to arrive to your homeland.
Your pains will soon be forgotten.
Put aside your sorrows. Come dine with me.

A mink basking in the sun beside a river,
Waiting for the unsuspecting fish to swim by.
It has sat there for hours,
But now it is ready to make the kill
It seizes the guileless fish and devours it.

Please note that the first and fourth stanzas are italicized.

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