Erase Me

November 15, 2008
By Lauraleigh Katura, Massena, NY

Trust is the issue, so you say
But baby i will show you, if i may
Let me take your hand, and show you
Into my empty halls, only thing to do
Past all doors of cynical and crazed
Ignore all the hazy and the dazed
Come to the door labeled with a name
I'm over it all, I'm clinnacly insane
A tag was once there but now it burned
Play with fire you get hurt I've learned
So instead I throw knives out of my mind
Etched the name on the door, now I'm bind
I;ve tried to sand it off, no way around
You look up,see your name, don't make a sound
Don't scare me and make me lock my door
The memories inside are beaten and sore
I open the door and smile at you
Little holes wehre tacks have been to
A little piece of paper on the ground
A couple of notices hanging around
You can see so much used to be
But I gave up when you erased me

The author's comments:
This is a piece that i wrote about a certain someone i cherish close to me. It is influenced by him and he proves to be a great influence.

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