The Power of Light

November 15, 2008
By Paige Soria, Miami, FL

She decided to awake
From months of lying dead
Giving love was a mistake
He took her heart and fled
She arose without a thought
Walking to the door
With her heart she fought
So it would not fall to the floor

Her eyes were overflowing
Tears dripped down her face
The thought of ever loving
Would never cross this place
She was done with all the lies
The anger and the sorrow
The memory of his eyes
The nights with no tomorrow

Walking to the light
She waited just a bit
Was this really right?
Could she handle it?
Her eyes had been in the dark
Forever it had seemed
But then she saw a spark
In came the sun that beamed

She stared into the brightness
But nothing blinded her
She didn’t feel so lifeless
There was no longer a blur
Her head was looking high
Into a daze she fell
Clearly there was a sky
That, she could easily tell

The light had consumed her
Bathed every inch of skin
She suddenly felt unsure
Of why she had held it in
She felt the rays of the sun
And began to doubt
Why she felt that he had won
Why she had kept herself out
Out of the life she knew
The life of light and dreams
She now had come through
All of the glittering gleams
She could feel her soul
Glowing from inside
Again her heart was whole
From taking one step outside

She would always love him
Deep in the back of her mind
The love would be very dim
A love she could never find
But now she was awake
No longer lying dead
Giving up was a mistake
She’d rather live instead

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