Save Me

November 15, 2008
By Stixs BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Stixs BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Fall into the pit of hell, small child left within the darkness. Surrender to it all,no light, no glory, just pain and misery.

NO! please don't go my demonic angels of hell. Kissed upon the forehead but left to live alone, just crying and screaming until it becomes your home.

Betrayal a friend and light your enemy. Abused by them all just for their own amusement. Categorized and calling you out screaming and shouting but they know what your about.

Grow Up! and know what you think and think what you know, can you conquer it all while avoiding the glow?

It's Fake! She aint real, just another one of them, but you succumb to the fake love from another one of them. You know, but your mesmirized by her spell, she aint a beautiful angel just another demon from hell.

Left to tear you into pieces, chew you up, spit you out. You can't take it no more your heart turns black and you shout.
Enough! Im sick of you all... you ain't true light, I hope your realm falls.

You cry, they make fun and laugh, your pain attracts but your already an$%*.
Push her away she is one of them too, but why does she stay as if stuck to you by glue?
The mark upon your head burns as the curse lifts the spell is gone. The demons run off as you were to blind to see, you look up and there she is looking down on thee.Trustworthy, loving, it's what she wants you to see, but your not dumb your heart is black just be you and i'll be me.

So understanding she knows just what your about, scream and shout but no matter what you do there is no doubt. She's real its not a dream, and finally love spills into the scene. It so amazing that your feelings are finally real and although not so heavy the terror continues to fall. Why? Suddenly she moves to hold out her hand, it's so obvious a request not a demand.

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