November 15, 2008
By Kayla Jenkins, Vidor, TX


You,You are my power.You are my strength.

You started off weak,But ended up brave.

With hard times behind us,The future up ahead.It's

amazing your here,and not somewhere dead.

I hate that this happened,but in a way kinda glad.

Because mom I love you,so please don't be sad.The

good things ahead,the long road to go,I can't wait

to move on,and watch Laya grow.She's our beautifull

angel,from the heavens above.So don't forget your

daughters,and your motherly love.With our spirits,and

prayers,we'll be a family again.You know you've got us

forever,and forever till the end.

Love Always,Kayla

The author's comments:
I have had a tough life and I figured what is a better way to release stress,but to write about it..I really hope you like it..

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