My Private Candy Shop

November 14, 2008
By Casey Basham, Dumfries, VA

A deep breath;
Calm, centered, clear, content.
No distress, distortion, disappointment, disapproval.
A cocoon of comfort surrounds me
As I sit in a familiar chair,
Long molded perfectly to the shape of my body.
Eyes closed,
I breath and sink deeper into my senses,
Awakening them from the dullness of a long day.
Eyes open,
My tall, wooden, private candy shop looming over me,
The colors of various sweet enticements spread out before me.
I rest my feet on the edge of a shelf and reach out,
My hand hovering over the delicacies.
My eyes rove over their wrappers,
Absorbing their colors and textures,
Savoring the judgment of which is the most appetizing.
Which to suit my palate?
An exotic zest,
A sweet lingering aftertaste,
A hint of spice,
A dash of bitterness,
And a rich, resonant texture.
A beauty that melts gloriously in my mind,
An exquisite concoction,
The blend that flows from the hand of a masterful chef.
Another breath,
I gingerly lift my chosen luxury from its shelf,
Open its pages,
And begin to leisurely consume its story.

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