Between The Lines

November 14, 2008
By Ariana Walker, Haverstraw, NY

The world goes in circles,
lost in the battle between
selfishness and philanthropy.
Trapped and mesmerized,
would you decide
to hide between the lines?
Discover the truth,
the prophetic fountain of youth,
and change your demeanor,
make the world greener,
make a difference.
doesn't make the world go 'round
and yet it helps to push and shove,
for ignoring the majority
and exploiting the minorities
can lead to battles both below and above
[toe to toe blows]
the fine line
[between humanity and savagery]
blurs to obscenity and non-virginity,
no longer is the trinity
of truth, honor, and justice.
Must this
world carry on in despair and darkness?
Mark this
as the day where the map unfolds.
Find the key and discover what awareness holds.
Break the chains that restrain
and deter you from change,
make a difference.
is a plague that devastates the human race,
turns people into beasts,
and flaunts impurity to say the least:
Give up the chase.
Stop and realize that
denying the conformity
and defying the enormity
of the convention and standard
can, if you say the word,
provide you with the ability to
renew and reform.


Never hide between the lines.

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