Juliet Capulet's P.O.V. Of Her Death

November 14, 2008
By cutiepuppi BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
cutiepuppi BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Words cannot heal this broken soul alone. It's farr too damaged already...maybe too late to save the sane "me". Constantly faced with pain and torture...save me before all is lost. Save me before my life is the past...no longer present or future.
My life's death's strength, which was once death's foe. My death can be smelt three times better than the human senses...death awaits. Nearer and closer it lurks by the second, by the minute, by the hour, and by the day. Nothing can defy my untimely grieveful death. It is unavoidable; unescapable. And I stood there, staring down death in the eyes, thinking of one last word before I sunk the blade into my black heart and collapsed forever...Romeo.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after reading Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" play for the second time. The second time I read it, I felt an emotional connection to the character Juliet. I then decided to write a poem about her telling the part where she was about to die. I just could feel how she felt the moment she killed herself.

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