Last Day

November 14, 2008
By Jared Johnson, Lake Charles, LA

Life is of the essence
Live everyday like it's your last
Judge not into temptation
And not worrying about the past

Love with all your heart
While making it worthwhile
Forgetting all the ignorance
That stretches over a mile

Living your life with no regrets
Comparing stories with others
Wishing love could come without problems
To avoid confrontation with there mothers

Dreaming an impossible dream
Imagining the world a better place
Wondering why its so difficult
To just show your face

You only have one life to live
Make everyday like its your last
Try forgetting about all the problems
That happened to you in your past

Waking up one day
But only to know
That today is going to be your last
So make sure that you put on a great show

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