Your Whole Life Long (A Blessing for Patrick)

November 14, 2008
May your life be like words set to music—
short like a thunderclap and long,
like the embrace of a sun flowing warm
within the limits of your veins
and of your mind.
May you discover the stars’ soft waltz
on the tallest tree in your backyard
and wings on your daddy’s shoulders,
softly carrying you
to a beauty that needs
no climbing.
May you find truth in a melody
mounting in silence, for you
are born into silence, too,
to joyful tears and sunlight streaming in;
you are born to a blank page, a language,
and a pen.
May you find strength in family,
enough to sculpt the skies
but not too much to perceive,
not too much to throw your arms around.
May you find faith in that word,
more than you ever thought could fit
into a single, warm

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