What happend

November 14, 2008
By Hunter Robinson, FAIRFAX STATION, VA

I hate who I have to be for you to notice me
You see this tears are mine but their your fault
I don’t know what hurts the most wanting to hate you
Or knowing I still don’t
I don’t know how you started to mean so much to me
I cried over you
Over what you said
Over what you didn’t say
Over what we use to be
You look so amazed looking into her eyes
I can still remember when you looked into my eyes with amazement
I wish we could go back to when we were best friends
To when we liked each other and knew it
But all we did was flirt and it wasn’t complicated
To the sleepovers and cereal fights
People say it suck the way we ended up
But the past is in the past and it is unchangeable
My friends say their are many other fish in the sea
I only want one fish out there
And he just walked away and ain't coming back any time soon

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