November 14, 2008

It started out as normal:
Best friends,
Brother and sister.

Before long I couldn’t ignore the signs:
Longer tickle fights,
Talking less about other girls,
Your name on my caller Id every day.

My friends tried to convince me:
“He totally likes you”,
“He talks about you so much”,
“Don’t you think he’s cute?”,

Eventually I gave in:
Told my friends I like you,
Flirted a little more,
Answered my phone almost instantly.

Then came the band festival:
Decorations set,
Banners hung,
Cameras ready.

Then came my friends:
“He totally likes you”,
“He so loves you”,
“Just admit it he so likes you”.

I couldn’t believe it:
They were right,
How could I miss it,
Yes, he does!

The time was finally here:
We marched off the field,
Got our stuff,
Made our way to the school.

You grabbed my shoulder:
Pulled me back,
Looked me in the eyes,
And asked the question.

I stood there speechless:
They were right,
What should I say,
He must think I’m and idiot.

The words came out
Almost magically
I had no idea what I was doing

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