Do You Remember?

November 14, 2008
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Do you remember...
How the day started out sweet?
How Billy was boasting,
His mare hadn't been beat?

Remember racing up beside him,
Skidding to a halt?
Sand spraying up under you,
Sarah's front feet like a vault?

Remember saying "Let's Race,"
Then turning around, so Billy couldn't see
That questioning look in your eyes,
As you raced back to me?

Remember how impatient Sarah was?
How she bunched every muscle,
Pulled at the bit?
And when you finally let go,
She raced down the beach
She didn't want to quit?

Remember flying past Billy,
Feeling wind whipping in your hair?
The pounding of Sarah's hoofs on cement,
As she leaped right up the stairs?

I remember,
Billy remembers,
Sarah remembers,
You should remember.

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