To You

November 14, 2008
By Danielle Currier, Massena, NY

"I Love you"
3 Simple Words
Do You Remember When You First Said Them?
I do
How we lay there
How you kept me warm
From the cold basement
How you embraced me
Did you think
If you let go
I'd be gone?
Your sweet lips
The smell of your cologne
Wiped over me
Then you whispered
So soft I could barely hear,
I Love You.
Do You Remember?
How those words left me
Could you believe it was true?
I trembled as I said them back
The most meaningful words
You could ever say
Did you think I meant them as you did?
I did
I'll always remember that night
Where we lay, the cold, how we felt
The Love.
Say those words with meaning
Share your deepest fears
Mean everything you do and say
Regret Nothing.
But most of all
With all your heart
Whether it's with me
Or anyone else
Because the best thing
You can give someone is

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