Blame It all on Me

November 14, 2008
My back slides down the
Glossy walls.
I hit the floor.
My aching head
Into my
Helpless hands.
My neck creeps up from my body,
Like a prey
Awaiting its predator,
Pointing aimlessly
At the tainted window.
Bright rays,
On such a dark day?
My mind is
Like icicles.
This isn't happening.
This isn't real.
That night.
Those drinks.
That car.
Those keys.
Your anger.
I tried to stop you.
Defeat hung over me.
That phone call
Left me to decay in my tears.
I could've stopped you.
I should've stopped you.
Blame it on me.
Blame it all on me.

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Wow! said...
Jan. 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm
Powerful poem! Your repetition and brief lines convey deep emotional turmoil.
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