November 16, 2008
By Courtney Baker, Tallahassee, FL

Rigid sorrow downpours on my heart,
until those eyes guzzle mine.
Coarse, you look, but gazed with amplifying hope,
which I seek while you hide.

Beyond contempt are the feelings I veil,
yet protruded by you they are.
I’ve rest assured my deepest desires,
brought back by you in anguish.

Pretentious smiles I wish to pass,
countered in branded disapproval.
Feelings of warmth, of love and ecstasy,
captured by touches you’ll never give.

Forgotten wishes of advances,
broken soullessly in your ignorance.
Oblivion races through your being,
I weep with timidity in my own discretion.

But when all hope seems lost and dead,
you shake a smirk and I know it is there.
You brought me close and into comfort,
awkward and fastidious in its own attempt.

Unguarded frowns of revelation,
all your own.
I feel confused, misguided and to blame,
but it is to me that you quivered beside.

In all the tumult of misery and admiration,
we sit side by side for the first time.
Under your wings of frailty you held me close,
but I held you closer.

Strong is the devotion and bond we now possess,
my internal organ beating with rhythm.
I reach out a hand, cold and worn,
and I stroke the flesh upon your cheek.

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