My Shell

November 14, 2008
My Shell

My shell, oh my shell,
have you seen it?
It’s preciously smooth
and shines like the glass of the moon.

It’s clear;
Don’t be fooled,
it reflects EVERYthing.
Last I heard it was tinted sea blue.
Please, you must help,
I have just remembered!
It’s scent was the cold crisp of
Early December!
I do like the cold,
so cold it was kept.
My shell like the glass of the moon.

If you find my shell soon,
I’ll let you on a secret.
That shell is a scale,
From a mermaid’s tail!
I’ve kept it safe years,
and close to my heart.
That I lost it at all, is a terrible lot!
So please can’t you find it?
My shell, my shell
like the glass of the moon?

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