November 14, 2008
Acceptance is for a select few,
most people are accepted somewhere, but what of us? Unlike you,
we don't conform to the mold,
and for that we're cast aside,
we are loved, or so were told,
all this sorrow... we bide.
We keep it bottled up inside,
sometimes we cry,
don't pity us for this,
in a strange way, i don't know why,
its the only thing that gives us bliss.
At times, pain is all we feel.
It alone defines for us whats real.
With this pain we feel alive.
In a weird way,
pain is how we survive.
Don't look down on us,
were just like you.
We ride the bus,
we have feelings to.
So next time you see someone,
that could be one of us,
there's something you can do.
Give them someone,
you need someone too.

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