Aboard The Phantom Train

November 13, 2008
By K.J.G. Santos, Long Beach, CA

will you come and join me
in my never-ending journey
or get locked up into someone else's dreams
will you waste your life away
doing whatever they say, or set aside your lamentations
and join this forceful rebellion

will you stay where you think you're happy
but you're misanthrope completely
and become like a solitary monument
collecting mud, dust, and sediments
or float away with the rest of the rebels
to a place where they'll rule supreme

and with rage they march, infallible and dominant
hear the thunderous rhythm of their furious chant:
we the people are sick of you
always telling us what to do
how we felt, you never knew
because you've never seen things through our point of view

so will you come and give in to the side i'm in
where it's only me like how its always been
or join the two enemies fighting in a war that neither can win

The author's comments:
i don't expect people to understand this poem, but thats's alright, although its a bit obvious that this is about war...

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