November 13, 2008
By Stephanie Bissell, Tucson, AZ

I stare into the mirror wanting to see more than a reflection
to see who I am meant to be, letting down my hearts' protection

I see the same hair, the same eyes
some few things I need not despise.

putting off my guard, letting others in
hoping my heart wont be broken once again

day after day, night after night
will my life's journey ever take flight?

I stand there contemplating. waiting.
is my sole reflection slowly fading?

my true person is starting to show
I have to let the old view go..

memories are a treasure
something you cannot measure

though some may fade with ongoing time
a part of your heart is here with mine

I look at my reflection, from a new perspective
from the way i now see it, it is much more effective

life is an ongoing timeline, some things you cannot change
but you have the oppurtunity to start all over; on a blank new page.

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