A Man's Best Friend

November 13, 2008
A dog is a man’s best friend,
Some dog’s are like a sweet cuddling buddy, when the sun sets,
They could be a security guard and protect you from an evil villain,
They may even be you garbage bin for leftover, uneaten food,

They bark in joy whenever you walk in the door from a hard day at work,
And they are always flabbergasted to see you,
No matter if it’s a cold Christmas or a long dull day,
There tails wag like torpedo a million miles an hour,

Dogs play when you want to play,
Sleep when you want to sleep,
And eat when you want to eat,
They are never shy, and are outgoing and willing to meet anyone,

They may accidently escape like Houdini,
Then they go the pound, there jail,
But they have no fear for they there owner will bail them out,
Then they go back to the old grind,

They may act like a kid,
Or a mature adult,
But no matter the case,
A dog acts as a saint in the modern world,

They were put on this Earth, to set an example,
We should be like them,
Kind, loving, sweet, and never unhappy to see anyone,
Then our world would be a better place.

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