Something is better than nothing

November 13, 2008
By Alex Resch, Brainerd, MN

I’m just stuck listening to this song over and over,
as I recall the events that happened while we were sober.

Things have changed lately, like the way you see,
I really think you should forget about me, but unfortunately that won’t happen,

So I’m still stuck listening to this song,
time slows, rhythm flows, only god knows, what I’m thinking.

Is it really that obvious? Can you read my face?
Does it take you back to that one place, were we belong?

Even if it does, it just feels all wrong.. Doesn’t it?
But what do i know? What if time went fast, rhythm slowed, and even god didn't know? then what?

Oh who cares I’m just a kid who knows nothing,
But then again, nothing is better than something...

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