Four Brick Walls

November 13, 2008
By Chelsea Maguire, Atlantic Beach, FL

These four brick walls
Are holding me back today
No sun, no rain, can’t get away
Stupid equations boggling my brain
The floors are dirty, littered, annoyed
By everything being different, multi-whatever.

Leave it all, books and rulers and whatever
Crash them, burn them, those stupid walls
Abandon the deans, frustrated and annoyed
It’s time, time to be original, yes today
Florescent lights and clocks ticking in my brain
No one is retentive anymore, let us go away

Somewhere to chill and talk and far far away
Inside is a waste, cold, dry, whatever
Tests and frivolous quizzes melt my brain
There is no color, just four brick walls
They need to die today
The day everyone is ruthless, annoyed

The hallways are crowded, the posters looked annoyed
Nobody wants to talk, they look away
It’s hot and it’s cold, that’s today
Forced into this building they don’t care, whatever
Everything is stopped; life is paused by the walls
Don’t talk just listen, mush is now my brain

It hurts and it’s pounding inside my skull, my brain
Idiots rambling, confused, annoyed
Because we’re cooped in between these walls
All emotions are draining, they have gone away
Nobody cares no one wants to know, whatever
Flip the desks, throw open the door, get out today

It’s the day to leave, right now, today
Is the day to be in charge, take back my brain
That served me so well, it wasn’t a whatever
Thing. I was happy so very not annoyed
But they keep us here, we can’t get away.
All because of the four big, blocky, brick walls.

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