Cry Little Boy

November 13, 2008
By Zach Trepanier, Milwaukee, WI

Cry little boy
It’s ok to cry
Cry your lonely tears
Let your sadness drip to the very ground you kneel upon

Release it from your head
The pain and the sorrow
Listen for the splash, boy
You’ll never hear it though

For the tears will never come
For this little boy is grown
Grown to a man
Grown far from the little boy he once was

Grown to know that crying never got you anywhere
You have no time to cry sir
To wallow in your pain
You must stand up straight

Shut your eyes sir
For there is nothing to see
Pain blurs one’s vision
Takes away the light of the day

Slams the door on the happiness that once was
The happiness of youth
The happiness of innocence
The happiness of a life so carefree

Cry little boy
Go ahead and shed your tears
For you will never be seen
You are long gone

And as the man’s eyes shut with agony
The little boy inside cries
Cries his lonely tears
For he will never again see the light of day

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