Drive Thru Love Sick

November 13, 2008
I was driving on the road.
I glanced out the window to see you and...her.
You looked at me she stared at you, as you held onto her hand.
I wear OUR promised ring.
I don't look back into the mirror.
I pull into the parking lot and park the car.
The tears begin to flow southward.
My lap catchs the wet imprints of sadness.
You pull up beside and see the droplets in my optics.
I turned away as I saw "I Love You," in your eyes.
Blinking out the hurt, I stumble to the classrooms of my schedule.
You grab my arm and tug me to turn around.
Hurt flowed around in your voice.
I try to push away.
You hold on tight as we are frozen held in a hug.
Always*? I question under my breath.
And forever he replies imprinting true love back in my heart once again.

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