Looking Back

November 13, 2008
By Tisha Henard, Lindsay, CA

For these past few days,
I've been reminiscing back.
It's the first time
I can't understand
What we had

Was it love?
Was it passion?
Was it all a waste of time?
Now it's hate
Now it's pain
Now it's all this combined.

I can't force myself
To erase all our memories
But when I'm thinking back
I always knew that you fooled me.

I've been told by my sister
That you guys are all the same
But you had me so convinced
That my world suddenly changed.

Because you always made me smile
But a smile isn't forever
It's unpredictable
Like changes in the weather

I thougth we worked
We worked this out
Like those other times before
But the truth had to reveal
We can't live a lie any more

I'm so young
And I'm still trying
To stay true to my heart
My dreams have disappeared
And now my life's scattered apart.

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