Coffee Shadows

November 13, 2008
I was just a bit more evil than I thought,
As I watch the words that pour from my
Virgin lips. I never thought hatred could be
So freeing, I never thought I could hate
With such a passion. I never thought
That it would feel so good

The sky was ignoring me,
Sun shining like any other day,
But those around me weren't.
They cheered me on, as I screamed
As I shouted, as the shimmery blood dripped to
The pavement, pooling at my feet.
They chased him down,
They got him this time. He cursed, he pleaded,
He even cried, but this time,
The sunlight shone on him,
They figured him out this time.
My hatred finally paid off.
My hatred worked this time.

Coffee shadows,
Of late afternoon
Drift into the hospital.

"I guess I have to live this time. "

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