November 13, 2008
By Courtney White, Massena, NY

Your strength is amazing no tears through the pain,
climbing the ladder for the success that never came.
Left by yourself to struggle in the rain,
day after day nearly driven insane.
You try to be strong, but you just can't move on
always driven around like someones little pawn.
No time for tears, no time to talk,
just hold it in and continue to walk.

Smiles full of emptiness of dreams unfulfilled,
dreams that always sat to high up on the hill.
But you don't know how lucky I feel to have you here,
and to every day never feel any fear.

You live in regret
but I will never forget
all that you gave
for my life you saved.

When my time comes to fly away
I will never forget to look your way
my hope, my love, my strength, my heart,
all came from you
a woman of strength and unbelievable love.

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