The Sirens

November 15, 2008
By Deborah Yeoh-Wang, New York, NY

The Sirens

Sighing and moaning, the sailors row themselves onward,
Past the barren crags and the desolate islands;
Glistening tears of sweat roll slowly down their broken frames.
Swollen eyes, filled with the sight of bloodshed,
Stare into vast emptiness;
Waves like the hands of giants reach for their ship,
Trying to pull it into the depths of the sea.

And suddenly –
A sweet melody, the song of a nightingale, penetrates the gloominess.
Each flirtatious note lures the sailors inward,
Dancing around enthralled ears.
Pain and sorrow is quickly forgotten,
As the tune fills their oblivious heads.

Forgetful of their woes, they drop their oars.
Heads turn to hear the enchanting song.
Lost in the world of charm,
The hand reaching for the beautiful rose
Gets pierced by the hidden thorn.

The ship flirts dangerously with rough crags.
Feeling audacious, it reaches with an unsuspecting hand.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after reading Homer's Odysseus.

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