My World Turned

November 13, 2008
By Samantha Benedict, Massena, NY

Do you remember
The first time you saw me?
How your eyes glistened
Like stars at night,
How you barely spoke
But the silence was comfortable,
How you played shy
And kept your distance?
Do you remember
The first time you smiled at me?
How our eyes met for those few seconds,
How in that very moment
I had fallen for you,
Your smile changed my life,
It would never be the same.
Do you remember
Our ping-pong game?
How horrible I was,
How I never hit the table
And the ball rolled to the floor,
How you chased it every time
With any complaints?
Do you remember
Our first kiss?
How it was raining,
My stomach had butterflies
And my knees were weak,
I was so nervous to know how you felt,
My world turned in so many ways.
Do you remember
When you told me you loved me?
How nervous you must have felt
And so relieved to hear it being said back,
Your words left me breathless,
And my heart beating fast,
I knew this was right,
You were something I wasnt going to pass.

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