Best Man

November 13, 2008
By Conor Riley, Massena, NY

Do you remember
The early mornings?
Getting dropped off at my front door,
Ready to burst through,
ecstatic to wake me from my sleep,
Ready for the day ahead,
a week ahead,
a lifetime ahead?
Do you remember?
Waiting to be driven down
To a glistening sheet of ice,
No one to disrupt our everlasting game?
Do you remember
How we would go no matter the circumstance,
and play ’til we dropped
and let the freezing ice relax our muscles?

We’d just lay there wondering who will win the next day,
And the day after that.
As we grew, so did the game,
And now we’re in separate places,
Just waiting for the day ahead,
A week ahead,
A lifetime ahead
To finish the game.

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